The Cloud Report

The Cloud Report is first and foremost a magazine in which four issues a year deal with relevant topics relating to the cloud. In the first year, these will be the topics: Storage, Security, Cloud-Native Development and Cloud Workload – Ops in the Cloud Environment. The magazine is available in various versions.

Cloud-Native News-Portal and Magazine

On the other hand, The Cloud Report is an online platform that presents news from the cloud world in addition to magazine content. Here you will find (almost) everything about “Cloud”: what is so special about “Cloud”, what it is in general, how to work with the Cloud and in the Cloud, how to get in and what you have to pay attention to … We report on developments in Cloud Engineering, possibilities of Cloud technologies like Containers, Kubernetes …, we present companies, projects, innovations, platforms, but also perspectives and undesirable developments, we bring the news from the world of the Cloud, but also event reports, event announcements, job advertisements, … We bring you the news from the world of the Cloud, but also event reports, job advertisements, …

Comprehensive Overview of Clouds and Technologies

We want to give our readers as comprehensive an overview as possible of the cloud world. We want to help customers and interested parties find the right cloud for their needs. We want to help providers acquire the right customers for their offerings.

What’s special about The Cloud Report is that we work directly with cloud providers. Our technicians have developed extensive questionnaires and tests that thoroughly examine the various offerings and provide information about their technologies and services. We are still at the beginning, but some providers are already supporting us by telling us about themselves and making their data available for evaluations. In this way, we want to gradually create a comprehensive insight into the cloud market and thus a transparency that does not yet exist. The collected data will be evaluated according to objective aspects and questions and published here.

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The Cloud Report contains texts in German as well as English language.

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