Cloudibility supports Tieroase Birkenschold

Linda hands our presents over to Ralf Peters, owner of Tieroase 
On sunday, 2018-09-09, Tieroase Birkenschold für Tiere in Not e.V., celebrated its 20th birthday. The project (whose name translates to Animal Oasis for Animals in Danger) is dedicated to providing abandoned animals a home. The operators see their project as a place for rescue and regeneration for animals and try to find new homes for their proteges. They care about old horses, sheep, hens, found animals and former racing dogs which were supposed to be killed. These racing dogs – Greyhounds – are the projects focus. Most of them originate from Ireland, where races between Greyhounds are a popular pursuit up until today. The dogs are specifically trained for racing, once they are not successful anymore or get too old, they get killed. Together with Irish and British animal welfare organizations, Tieroase tries to rescue as many of those loving animals as possible to find a new home for them. Besides that, Tieroase offers animal care for vacation times, emergency care for animals and has an open ear for every question around our animal friends all the time. We as Cloudibility want to support this kind of engagement for animals in danger. Therefore, our colleague Linda visited their birthday celebration to hand over our donations and to enjoy the wonderful animals and the awesome atmosphere on site in person. It was a perfect day for us and we’d like to thank Tieroase for their past work and wish them all the best for their future projects!